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Renewable Energy

As part of Battano's commitment to a cleaner environment, we have become involved in the construction of renewable energy works. This is our way of promoting the use of solar & wind energy as a means of sustaining a greener future for generations to come.

Solar & wind power have been an untapped source of renewable energy for millenia.

In recent years, the government has seen fit to acquire large tracts of unused or farm land to erect ground mounted systems on which solar panels or wind turbines are placed. The resultant energy is then collected and stored for distribtuion across the province. This represents a clean alternative to the fossil fuels that currently pollute our air and water, threaten our public health and contribute to global warming.

Battano Construction is proud to be a part of the process that ensures the health and welfare of future generations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our existing and future clients with high quality product in a prompt turnaround time, with respect and professionalism. We have expanded our range of services and coverage area, and as a result of this, have developed new partnerships in other areas of the concrete construction industry.

The expansion of our building and property has enabled us to diversify our field of endeavour through increased inventory and equipment storage areas. We remain loyal to our ongoing commitment to all of our employees to provide and maintain a safe and rewarding work environment.


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